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Voting day is Monday, October 22nd, 2018.

infoPlease take the time to vote. It's your right and it does make a difference.

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Getting the right people elected on Oct 22 is critical to the future health and well being of our community. Campaigns are very costly and your generosity is greatly appreciated. Every dollar helps!  
As per the  "2018 Candidates' Guide for Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections," I  can ONLY accept campaign contributions from individuals who are normally residents in Ontario.
Groups such as clubs, associations or ratepayer’s groups are not eligible to make contributions. The members of these groups may make individual contributions from their personal funds (as long as they are residents of Ontario).
Please note that as per the  "2018 Candidates' Guide for Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections," I  can no longer accept campaign contributions from any of the following :
  • a corporation
  • a trade union
  • an individual who is not normally resident in Ontario
  • a federal political party, constituency association, or a registered candidate in a federal election
  • a provincial political party, constituency association, or a registered candidate orleadership contestant
  • a federal or provincial government, a municipality or a school board
Contribution limits :
There is a $1,200 limit that applies to contributions from other individuals. If a person makes more than one contribution (e.g. contributes money, contributes goods, and purchases a ticket to a fundraising event), the total value of all the contributions cannot exceed $1,200.
The maximum total amount that a contributor can give to candidates in the same jurisdiction (i.e. running for the same council or the same school board) is $5,000
Note: Contribution receipts are not tax receipts. Contributions to Municipal and School Board campaigns cannot be credited against Provincial or Federal income taxes.
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On October 22, 2018 vote for Mayor

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Voting Day

The 2018 Municipal and School Board elections are Monday, October 22nd, 2018

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