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My Accomplishments 2014 - 2018

Infrastructure & Development

Built a new Sewage Treatment Plant. Multi-million dollar investment necessary to accommodate growth in Wiarton.

Implemented Development Fees so future development pays for the treatment plant.

Brought landfill operations in-house saving 4.4 million and adding 25 yrs of life.

Cleared the hurdles for Wiarton Meadows, Vista View, and Ridge Rock housing developments. 

Ushered in new Foodland in Wiarton.

Brought high-speed internet to Sauble Beach.

Replacing all streetlights with LEDs. The initial cost was $171,000.00 but this will save us $67,000.00 annually in hydro rates.

Committed to funding the Chesley Lake Lung for as long as necessary to ensure the health of Chesley Lake.



Sold our share of the airport saving hundreds of thousands in annual operating and capital costs.

Renegotiated multiple Town contracts, increasing annual revenue.

By reinstating Paid Parking, we reduced 3-year taxpayer cost to maintain Sauble Beach by $620,000.00.

Increased our town Net Financial Assets by $5 Million during my term.

Increased our Accumulated Surplus by $10 million during my term.

Cut our long-term debt in half.

Increased our Tangible Capital Assets by $5 million during my term.

We did all of this while only increasing your taxes an average of 2.4% per year, barely above the rate of inflation.

Note: All  financial information courtesy of Collins Barrow and the South Bruce Peninsula Treasury Department


Recreation and Tourism

Reclaiming Sauble Beach after years of neglect.

Partnered with the community to buy and create the new Howdenvale Beach Park.

Purchased new 7-stall mobile washroom facilities for Sauble Beach.

Partnered with the community to build the Joanne Lancaster Skateboard Park in Wiarton.

Sauble Town Square build begins this fall.

Major repair and re-design of the Colpoy's Pier in Mallory Beach.

New children's playgrounds in Red Bay Beach, Park Head and Sauble Beach. 

Created the Visitor Centre in Hepworth.

Complete refurbishment of the Wiarton Swimming Pool, washrooms & change rooms.

Redesigned and rebuilt the iconic Sauble sign base.

Complete refurbishment of Oliphant Public Washrooms.

Installed Mobi-Mat, making Sauble beach accessible.

New Wiarton Willie sponsorships generating an additional $60,000.00 of revenue.

Installed new accent lighting in Bluewater Park along entry road.

Purchased new floating dock for Bluewater Park.

Auctioned off existing buildings on the Howdenvale Beach property, generating revenue to help fund the improvements of the new Beach Park.

Complete refurbishment of the ball park bleachers in Bluewater Park.



Recruited a Chief Administrative Officer to help guide the Town through growth.

Complete reorganization of administrative staff, improving efficiency & customer service.

Addition of an Economic Development Officer to further advance the town.

Created a Community Services department to better serve our people.

Located Community Services in the Ross Whicher Centre in Wiarton.


On October 22, 2018 vote for Mayor

Endorsement Matt



"You won't find anyone who works harder for or cares more about our community than Janice"



Matthew Jackson, Councillor 2014-2018, Town of South Bruce Peninsula


Endorsement Dale



"Never before can I remember a Mayor that has had the best interest of Sauble Beach like I have seen in Janice's words and actions."



Dale Robinson, Owner - Subway Sandwich, The Pavilion, Ascent Aerial Park


Endorsement Gayle



"Thank you Mayor Janice for all your support during the last 4 years. You have certainly proved you are very dedicated to the Town of South Bruce Peninsula and to our volunteer organizations. Thank you for all of your help.."



Gayle Hall - President, Wiarton District Optimist Club


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