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Voting day is Monday, October 22nd, 2018.

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On October 22, 2018 vote for Mayor


Welcome to my campaign!

 I believe this election is one of the most critical for South Bruce Peninsula. The next five years will see more growth than most have seen in a lifetime and we must steer it in a planned and sustainable way.

 I've had the privilege of representing you over the last eight years with the most recent four years serving as your Mayor. It's been an incredibly busy time as I've worked diligently to advance our town, improve our fiscal position and do everything possible to open unprecedented lines of communication.

 To keep you abreast of town news and get your feedback, I created a public Facebook page where I regularly post town news while giving you an avenue to ask questions and offer suggestions. I also created the annual "Message from the Mayor" inserted in your January tax bill, I write a monthly column for the Sauble Bulletin plus we created a Town Facebook page for the very first time. Both my mayorjanicejackson Facebook page and the Town's page are public so you don't need to have a Facebook account to log on. I'm also very proud of working with the Wiarton Chamber to create the "Breakfast with the Mayor" series enabling me to update the business community on Town initiatives.

 We have managed to achieve what I believe is more than any other Council term in the history of South Bruce Peninsula, despite adversity and unforeseen challenges. 

 With our investment in Wiarton's sewage treatment plant and the planned expansion of town water in Sauble Beach, we have positioned ourselves to welcome an unparalleled opportunity for growth. It's up to the next Council to skillfully guide it forward.

 We must continue to encourage new housing projects for our young and aging population. Currently, there are three developments ready to go with an additional four in the early stages of planning. Development not only creates new jobs, it brings new tax dollars which can be invested back into our community for things such as roads, services and recreational facilities.

 With this amount of residential development, we must elect a strong, experienced team that isn't afraid to make tough decisions to advance our town.  It's critical to have positive, creative and forward-thinking minds at the table driven by a Mayor who can provide strong leadership. It's imperative that you research your candidates and vote for those you feel will be best suited to drive this growth and prosperity. Our town has been complacent for quite some time, but a new path forward is right in front of us.  

 But it's not just up to Council to guide us; we need a top-notch staff to execute our plans. We have been reorganizing the structure within Town Hall over the last year as there has not been a review of the organization since amalgamation. We've placed ourselves on the right path forward by recruiting highly-skilled senior managers and re-aligning our staff to better handle the growing needs of our community.

 Please read through the 2014-2018 list of accomplishments. Massive progress has been made in the past four years and we accomplished it all while keeping your tax increases to an average of only 2.4% per year, barely above the annual rate of inflation. As your Mayor, I will ensure our future goals will always reflect the needs of our community. 

In addition to guiding residential and commercial growth, other issues high on my list of priorities include high-speed internet coverage for all areas of SBP, investigate the feasibility of an Aquatic Centre with an indoor walking track, town support for key community events and new food options including new restaurants and strategically placed food trucks. Our new residential growth will create a demand for these services so we must make them a priority.

 It takes strong leadership to make tough decisions and now is the time to make sure you elect the right group. I ask you to please re-elect this hard working Mayor with a vision.

Take advantage of my experience, dedication, drive, continuity and leadership. We must continue to create a vibrant community by moving full steam ahead on the projects already in progress. Please don't elect individuals with single agendas who will not consider the needs of all SBP residents. Elect those who will apply their experience, passion and vision for the benefit of our community. We must keep our eyes clearly focused on the future. We must learn from our past, but we can never look back.

 You know what I stand for, you know what I've accomplished and you know what you will continue to experience. Allow me the opportunity to continue the work I've been doing for you. We have such a bright future and the road ahead is glowing!

 I look forward to working with you as we continue to build a strong South Bruce Peninsula!





Voting Instructions

I would like to remind everyone that October 22nd 2018 is Municipal Election Day in South Bruce Peninsula.

Voting in the TSBP is by mail-in ballot, with ballots expected to be mailed out in September 2018.

Ballots will be mailed to your address of record on file with the town.

If you have not received a ballot by October 1st 2018, please call town hall at 519-534-1400 for assistance.

Each voter is eligible to select one candidate for Mayor, one candidate for Deputy Mayor and three (3) candidates for councillor.

On October 22, 2018 vote for Mayor

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The 2018 Municipal and School Board elections are Monday, October 22nd, 2018

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