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Voting day is Monday, October 27th, 2014.

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On October 27 vote for Mayor

Voting Instructions

I would like to remind everyone that October 27th 2014 is Municipal Election Day in South Bruce Peninsula.

Voting in the TSBP is by mail-in ballot, with ballots expected to be mailed out between September 22nd and September 26th 2014.

Ballots will be mailed to your address of record on file with the town.

If you have not received a ballot by October 1st 2014, please call town hall at 519-534-1400 for assistance.

Each voter is eligible to select one candidate for Mayor, one candidate for Deputy Mayor and three (3) candidates for councillor.

My Platform continued...

Honesty and Openness

As soon as you enter Town Hall, you see warning signs.  What you can and can't do.  How many people they'll accept in Council Chambers.  There are warnings prohibiting recording devices and cameras.  Did you know you are forbidden to applaud a good decision in Council?  Did you know Council recently approved security cameras too?  People are afraid to raise an issue or complain for fear of reprisal.  People worry that if you ask a question, express an opinion or challenge a decision, you'll be black-listed or worse, you'll be sued.  This council spent over $1 half million of your dollars suing constituents for voicing an opinion in addition to defending Obstruct Justice and Conflict of Interest charges against the Mayor and members of Council & Committees.  This environment has created an unmistakeable sense that the People's Place no longer belongs to the people.  The taxpayer is not respected.  This must change!  We can't allow anyone to live in fear.  Town Hall belongs to you and is paid for by you.  Taxpayers feel as if they're treated like the enemy when they should be treated like the boss!  It's your hard-earned dollars funding our Municipality.  As Mayor, change will come quickly and a welcome mat will greet you at every door.  Expressing your opinions and ideas will be encouraged.


To See my entire platform in one place, please click here.

We seem to be lacking in what many communities would consider basic services and I want to change that. I would like to concentrate on improving our roads and providing additional recreational programs while charging reasonable rates for the services we provide. We should also expect exceptional, friendly customer care at Town Hall with open and easy access to Council meetings whether you're home or away (via video streaming). This is a priority for me.

To See my entire platform in one place, please click here.

The town has a facade improvement grant program where they match the amount a business owner spends improving the look of their storefront up to a max of $7,000.00. I believe this is a great way to improve the visual appeal of our community. My goal would be to increase the overall amount of financial support available through the program and focus on the revitalization of one geographic area each year. The current strategy of supporting projects across the municipality results in small improvements, thus no one area will see a worthwhile makeover quickly. By concentrating on one area each year, we will see immediate improvements and increase the visual appeal of our community for residents and tourists alike.

We need to consider the creation of one Downtown Improvement Association (DIA) to work in conjunction with the various revitalization groups. Together, we can quickly rejuvenate each of our communities and make them attractive and welcoming. Let’s be proud of our downtown areas. Let's give people a great reason to stop and shop.


To See my entire platform in one place, please click here.

We need a Mayor who will fight for our beach and I will do that.

The beach is my home and I love it dearly.

As you know, I have been fighting for the clean-up of our beach for four years. I feel it looks horrible and is further declining each and every year. With the Piping Plover habitats come restrictions from the Ministry of Natural Resources. They ask for the world and hope they get it. Other tourist areas that also share their beach with the Plovers have pushed back and told the MNR not to forget theirs is a beach owned by the people, for the people and their #1 tourist destination. We must take the same tack. We need to remind our MNR friends that this is our jewel. I don't think anyone is unwilling to share the beach with the Plovers. I'm not! I fully support the protection of their habitat, but their habitat can not be the entire beach! That is completely unreasonable. There must be middle ground and I will find it. I want our beach back. To be told we can't remove any debris is nonsense. I can't watch Sauble Beach decline for another four years. We can easily share our beach with the Plovers, but we do not have to lose our beach to them.  If you want four more years of Sauble in decline, then re-elect your current Mayor.


To See my entire platform in one place, please click here.

We must push Grant Applications. We have miles of pipes that urgently need replacement. As a "User Pay" service, we can't strap our users with the full price to replace the system. We need to continue to apply for funding grants. Our Manager of Financial Services has been quite successful so far but we have so much more to do. This will be on the top of my priority list.


To See my entire platform in one place, please click here.

Unless there is funding to cover all costs, I will not support spending one million taxpayer dollars to repave the runway in order to keep it at a "Certified" level. It has been functioning as a "registered" airdrome for a very long time. As it stands now, it costs the taxpayers approx $200,000.00 each year to keep it open. I feel we need the airport to facilitate the Medivac program. But to pour one million into something that's a constant money loser is irresponsible. I've heard the old adage "build it and they will come". We already have an International Airport and no one came! To spend that kind of money, putting you deep into debt with absolutely no guarantee of new business is not something I will support.


To See my entire platform in one place, please click here.

Amalgamation has been tough on us; there seems to be an "us vs. them" attitude, which is very divisive. It seems to be "Wiarton vs Sauble" "Seasonal vs. Permanent" and all the while, other areas of our town simply feel left out. Where did this sense of imbalance come from? I believe that the duty of the Mayor is to bring people together and build collaboration among and within our communities. We must support growth and prosperity while fostering the uniqueness of each diverse area. We are all one Municipality. We are all taxpayers. We are all important. I am committed to creating unity. 


To See my entire platform in one place, please click here.

Welcome to my new election site

Thank you so much for visiting my new website!

I hope you find the information I'm providing will give you a very clear picture of what I stand for and the vision I have for our beautiful Municipality. We are a wonderful mix of diverse communities and if we foster rich growth while preserving our uniqueness, we will easily make TSBP a place where everyone wants to live, work, vacation or visit.

My roots go back to the mid 1800's when the Jackson family farms lined much of Spring Creek Road.  The Jackson family Cemetery is now called "Spring Creek Cemetery" and is run by the town.  My Great-Great Grandparents John & Ann Jackson built the barn which now hosts the Sure-Bid Auctions. Their stone house still stands to the east of the barn. My Great-Grandparents, Edward & Elizabeth Jackson (who's farm and sawmill was across the road), acquired land at Sauble Beach at the turn of the century, where his five children built cottages.  Having spent my life roaming our once pristine beach, I purchased my current home at Sauble 15 years ago.  I am still surrounded by the Jackson family. 

With a background in Communication and Marketing, I am the current Marketing Manager at Seasons Retirement Community in Owen Sound.  My love for seniors, and the beauty of our location makes Seasons a wonderful place be. 

I enjoy many sports including golf, baseball, hockey and auto racing, having raced my purple #92 Street Stock at Sauble Speedway for several years.  I'm an active and proud member of the Sauble Beach Lions Club and host a charity golf tournament each year, earmarking the funds to needy local causes.

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or sugestions. I'd love to hear from you.

On October 27 vote for Mayor

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